APNIC 56 Network Automation tutorial
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mtr report

Module 2 - Create a Ubuntu Container

Create a Ubuntu container with the image ubuntu:22.04, install mtr utility, run mtr against nog.bt and save report on the hostmachine.

(U) Create container, disconnect & keep bash running

docker run -d --name=mtr -it -v /home/a01/mtr:/mnt/mtr ubuntu:22.04 /bin/bash

Verify container exists and is up:

docker container list

Next, enter the container:

docker container exec -it mtr /bin/bash

Now inside container, install mtr:

apt update && apt install -y mtr

Run mtr report and save at /mnt/mtr/apnic.net.txt

mtr -wr apnic.net > /mnt/mtr/apnic.net.txt

Exit container using the command exit.

If all good, move to the next lab.